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Error When Trying To Burn A Data Blu-ray



Hi, I've just installed a LG-GGW-H20L blu-ray burner into my Mac Pro optical drive slot and purchased Toast 9 (updated to 9.0.2) as well as the

HD/BluRay plugin. I'm trying to burn a Blu-Ray data disc, with about 20GB of files. I choose Data and then Mac & PC and no options. All the files I want to burn (20.41 GB) have been dragged to the main window.

Everything seems fine, I insert my blank disc, the status says Blank BD-R and then after the spinning ball of doom for about 2 minutes, I get the

following message:

Drive reported on error

Sense Key = Unit Attention

Sense Code = 0 x 29

Power On, Reset, or Bus Device Reset Occurred


Does anyone know what this means? I'm positive all the internal cables are correct - wouldn't Toast not recognize the BD-R disc if that weren't

the case? I'd like to not have to take the entire computer apart again and remount all the connections as it took a couple hours the first time.

If I could narrow it down to a software or hardware issue I'd know where to go from here.


Thanks in advance,



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So I just followed the below thread and see that this is an ongoing issue. Now I'm trying to burn the disc using the MacOS disk utility, but am having no luck.

I created a disk image in Toast 9, created a burn folder, dragged the disk image into the burn folder and when I click "Burn" I get the following message:

Insert a Blank Disc to Begin - This disk will be burned with the contents of "burn folder." You will need a disc with a capacity of 21.48GB.


Well, I have inserted a blank BD-R disc. I'm guessing that the app can't see the 2nd drive bay where the bluray is. In Toast, I know how to tell the app which

drive to use, but how do I do this using Disc Burn in the OS? BTW - I am using Tiger 10.4.11, not Leopard. Does that have anything to do with it?



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