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Cannot Get Links To Work



I have been using DVDitProHD for more than a year now to prepare lots of Blu-ray disks on both Blu-ray and red laser media without any difficulties. In fact, a month ago, I prepared a Blu-ray (AVCHD) on RL which had a main menu and a scene selection menu with six chapters (scenes) which worked perfectly when I went to the scene selection menu and clicked on each scene.


This week I have been working on my latest video and trying to author a Blu-ray disk of it in DVDitPro HD. My work flow is the same as I used in the past and consists of preparing the movie in Final Cut Pro 6.03, sending it to Compressor 3 and using a custom encoding present derived from one of the Stickies above on the Roxio DVDitPRoHD Forum, sending that over Ethernet to my PC and then bringing this movie file into DVDitProHD. Movies encoded with this preset come into DVDitPro HD and are not re-encoded by DVDitPro HD. Once the movie file is in DVDitProHD, I then create the chapter marks which will become the scene in my scene selection menu. I set up the necessary buttons on the Scene Selection Menu and link them to the appropriate chapter markers. I check everything carefully in the Simulator in DVDitProHD, and then I burn the volume to my HD and eventually to either a Blu-ray disk or using Nero Ultimate 9 to a RL disk. During the creation of the Blu-ray Volume DVDit ProHD clearly states that it is creating the links and in the Simulator all of the links in the Scene Selection Menu work perfectly.


However, when I play the disk in my Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray player, none of the links on the Scene Selection Menu work. No matter which of the Scene Selection icons I select, it takes me to the beginning of the movie, not to the Chapter that I have linked it to. I even re-checked the movie I had burned to Blu-ray a month ago to see that the Scene Selection icons were still going to the correct chapter and they were.


I have rebuilt this project from scratch many times, I have even uninstalled and reinstalled DVDitPro HD. Nothing has solved the problem of the failed links.


Do you have any idea what could be going on here or how to solve it?


Thank you so much in advance for reading this and responding.



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Many thanks for responding. This problem has been driving me crazy as I have watched the stack of bad DVD's build up. I have now changed the sequence settings starting time code to all zeros as you suggested. I'll send it to compressor again using the same preset and then try it in DVDitPro HD. I'll let you know if this makes any difference. Thank you again.





For Final Cut and Compressor users, please make sure to,


In Final Cut changed the

"Sequence Setting",

"Starting TimeCode"


to 00:00:00;00 instead of the default value of 01:00:00;00.


If you don't, chapter markers may not work.


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Many thanks to TominIowa. I set the timecode to all zeros in FC6, re-encoded the movie in Compressor, took it into my DVDitPRo HD project replacing the earlier encoded movie, and this time the burned DVD had all links working as they should in my scene selection m menu.





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