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Lightscribe Partial Burn





I'm having some issues burning labels. I managed to burn two correctly then it started only burning partial sections of the labels. It's kinda hard to explain exactly how it comes out; Let's say I would want to print Mr. Gates face on the entire surface of the CD, he would have a left ear, one eye, and sudently the printing fades to blank and the right part of the face would'nt be printed.


The first time it did that I blamed the CD as I'm using cheap Verbatim ones so I tried another CD, then another, ... 7 CDs later I still get the same result though the section that does print isnt always the same; sometimes it will print a section from the top, or the right, it might also pick one on the top and a blob on the left. The ammount of data burned will also vary -- I might get a bigger or a smaller spot. The printing preview the software gives me is correct.


I tried to reinstall the burner (LiteOn) from slave to master alone on it's IDE, reinstalled the softwares, tried the update from lightscribe, nada. I just can't get it to print correctly again.


What am I missing? Have I printed the two first labels then the burner died or am I lucky and the two first CDs I picked from the bundles where OK but all the others where scrap?


If someone could direct me to what would cause a partial burn so I know what the hammer should hir first, that would be great ;)



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