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Blu-ray Hell

Vigilance Films


I have a new MacPro, super tower, etc... new FCP suite, LaCie Blu-ray burner and toast 9 with updates.

i can NEVER get any of my Blu-Ray discs to work. the picture jumps ahead several seconds at a time and the audio stays true.

i do not care about menus, chapters, nothing.

I just wanna watch my HVX200 720p film in hiDef.

Any ideas on compression schemes?

I have tried exporting a quicktime, uncompressed, and letting toast do the compression. I have tried giving toast the h.24 codec file. I tried Compressor.

Nothing works!!!!

And NOW my BD-RE ALWAYS says that it is "BD-RE Not Blank" no matter how many times I wait through the erasing process.

Please help!




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I have the same bleepin problems. What "extras" do I need to download to make this work? I thought toast titanium 9 had everything I needed from the getgo.


You simply need the HD Toast plugin. If you already have the ability to use the Blu-ray format in Toast you dont need anything extra. Can you respond to some of the above questions/suggestions?

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Hi Adam,


I'll try to help you with your situation. Are you trying to play back on the Mac or on a Bluray set top player? Did you unckeck the "Format Bluray Disc for Dynamic Writing" option before erasing? If playing on a set top bluray player did you do a firmware update to ensure BD-R and BD-RE discs are playable? Are you having other problems using Toast 9?


I have been burning successfully with a system similar to yours. I use FC Studio 2. I export my project to a single file and import it into Toast 9 using the Bluray option to burn. I also installed the bluray plug-in after installing Toast 9 to ensure I could work in bluray.


Let me know more so I can help you.



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