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Glenn P


I had to do a clean install of Vista Business X64 due to a HDD problem, and of course all my apps had to be reinstalled.


I can't remember if the LIGHTSCRIBE functions worked before, but They do not now


The SURETHING SE Ver 4 software that came bundled with the HP 1040i sees the DVD burner and burns good looking labels.

So, I know the DVD burner works.


Anyone know how to coax EMC 10 into "seeing" the LIGHTSCRIBE capable burner?


EMC 10 will burn a DATA or AUDIO CD or a DVD from my camcorder HDD, but I cannot do a Lightscribe Label.


I can do paper labels just fine!


I do remember that EMC 10 did "see" the Lightscribe functions while I was running XP PRO SP2 X64 so it is not a X64 bit issue.


I am supposed to have all the ROXIO EMC 10 updates installed.


Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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