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Disk Copier



I made a slideshow in mydvd using pics from my camera and was able to make 6 copies in mydvd but then it came up with the error that said it was unable to burn image. I just updated everything on my computer and still would not work so I burned to iso image and clicked on this to make copies in disk copier. but now when I try to burn this way it comes up as "cannot write medium. Incompatible format-unit not ready". does anybody have any advice. I don't understand why it would burn the first few copies fine, and they play on dvd player fine, and now it comes up with these errors.

Thank you

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I was still able to burn a music CD and it worked fine but unfortunatly the computer I was using for this is not hooked up to the internet so I will have to wait to try your fix. I did install the emc into my laptop and it is working perfectly so I am starting to lean to the idea that something is broke in my desktop. Thank you very much for the help.


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It would seem that something has busted after the first few copies, if you can't write with either MyDVD or Disc Copier.


Can you write a CD on that drive, with the built-in XP system?

If you can't, then something is likely wrong with the drive. If you can, it may be the Roxio software and you should try straightening up the burning engine with the PX Engine file (here).




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