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Problem Burning Divx Files With Popcorn?



i dont know if im doing something wrong or what but what i did is i had an avi file than i converted it to a divx file with divx converter. after that i opened popcorn 3.0.2 and selected dvd video.

menu style-corporate

auto play on insert-check

play all items continuously-check


video quality-best

than after that i drag the divx file to popcorn and burn it on to a verbatim dvd+r double layer 8.5 gb dvd. after i burned the dvd no errors came up and after it was finished burning i put the dvd in the computer and it automaticly ejects the disc.


does anyone know what im doing wrong? do i have it on the wrong setting in popcorn or something?

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i just played another movie on my computer that i burned. it was a dvdr though it wasnt a divx file. tsantee, did you just want to know if the dvd player worked at all? is that what you were saying.

I wanted to know if the Verbatim DL DVD you burned will play in a standard DVD player. You said it gets ejected when inserted in your Mac's drive so we know the Mac is not recognizing and mounting the disc. I wonder if anything else can play it other than your Mac.


You did everything fine. Technically you don't need to use DivX Converter as long as you download and install the perian codec for your system from http://perian.org . Toast can read directly from the AVI or DivX video. But your process works, too.


Apparently this is a very long video to require DL media. Toast can fit nearly three hours on a single-layer disc. I do always recommend choosing Save as Disc Image instead of clicking the burn button whenever encoding is required. When the disc image is done use the Image File setting to burn it to disc. That way you don't have to start from the beginning if something goes wrong during the burn. Also, there can be problems waking a drive to do the burning after it has waited a long time for the encoding to finish. In your case that doesn't appear to be an issue because it burned and verified okay.

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