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Toast Burns Cd But Not Dvd On Mac



I use OS 10.4.8 on a PPC 933. I have used that configuration with Toast Titanium 6.1.1 and Jam 6.0.3 ever since 10.4.8 became available and everything was fine. I use an LG HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GSA-H55N DVD burner that was patched with Patchburn 4.0.5. Everything was perfect up till about a month ago when Toast suddendly refused to burn DVDs. I can burn CDs, read CDs and DVDs, but not burn DVDs. I use this computer for audio production and I only have my audio programs installed. The only updates that have been made are to QuickTime and iTunes and the various security updates.


All seems to be OK when the burning process begins. Toast fills the buffer and appears to start burning the DVD until the estimated time appears at the end of the progess bar. Then everything freezes and you have to force quit the program. Even then you can't eject the DVD and you have to reboot the computer before you can do so. The salvaged DVD is still blank.


I tried burning a DVD using the OS built in utility and that works fine. I tried updgrading to Roxio Titanium 7 and then 8 using copies borrowed from friends and the problem was still the same. I did a complete (fresh)reinstall but to no avail.


Can anyone help? :blink:

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Either something is preventing the data from being sent to the drive's DVD-writing laser or the drive's laser is failing to start writing the disc. The only thing you can do with Toast is trash the plist and prefs files in the User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunch Toast. You might get a laser-cleaning disc for your drive. (A different laser is used to write CDs than is used to write DVDs). Also try choosing Save as Disc Image with Toast and burn the resulting disc image using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window.

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