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Yeah I know 6! I did not have luck with newer versions so maybe if I list my issues someone can help me. On 6, I can extract "disc information". This is a big must for my ministry...I need to be able to get disc information from past radio shows I do for some precise editing. On the NEWER version I did not see this feature...or could not find it. I will get 11 if I can use this feature. ALSO...on installing 6, there is no "default" drive recognition. Is this versiion too old for a new computer?

I used Easy CD Creato 6r A LOT...and need the feature I listed above, and of course the "drive" usage.

Help would be greatly appreciated. We get over 300 hits a day on our website ministry. I have a new computer that is great...it is just these issues left for a great change to a new computer and working as I need it.

Thank you,


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ECD6 will work in XP so unless you are changing to Vista and it does what you need, there's no need to upgrade. EMC 7, 7.5 and 8 will not work in Vista (and will also have problems in XP if IE7 and/or WMP11 are installed)


ECD6 should be able to detect your drive tho.


EMC11 is still on a very long finger (no-one has heard anything about it) and while it's possible that it might be out round Sept/Oct, no-one here can tell you anything else. Current version is EMC10

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