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Xps 420 - Live Monitoring While Recording Is In Progress



customer is recording using a sony disk man model " nh 700 " ..He is using the line in port in the computer for recording .The sony nh700 is connected to the line in port of the xps 420 through the cable .the recording process is goin on fine .. cx want to know whether he can do a live monitoring of what is being recorded while the recording process is goin on .. cx is using the roxio software that is installed in the system as the base software for recording ...




Please advise..




- Regards,


Kiran T.J | CompTIA A+ | DCSE


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This would depend on 2 things.

1)What sound device they have

2)Is it Vista or XP?


Most but not all sound cards let you do this exact thing.Then ,even if you can pull it off in XP you may not be able to do so in Vista because of the way Microsoft reworked the Sound process and the way sound cards react to that.

Have them look either in the sound cards mixer or in Windows mixer and see if they have a Line-in choice in their Play mixer.If so make sure it's activated and unmuted.

Windows should look something like this.


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This really is a Vista issue not a Roxio one.

If you look in the Control Panel,Sound and hit the Playback tab what devices do you see?Is Line-in one of them?

If not,Right click on any device you see on that tab and hit "Show disabled Devices".Now do you see Line-in?If so right click it and hit Enable Device.Make sure the level is up and not muted.

Other than that I can't say.What I can tell you is that what you're trying to do is a function of the OS and the sound card and has nothing to do with Roxio.

Obviously the Line-in works on the recording tab or they couldn't record.The Question is does it work on the Playback tab.I'm not at a Vista machine or I could show you a pic about what I'm talking.

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