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Stopping Roxio Messages



This issue was posted in EMC-8 forum but not sure many are still looking at that, so please forgive me slipping it in here.


Have EMC-10 on desktop and have stopped Roxio messages with the tickbox in Tools-Options. Is there anything equivalent for EMC-8 or does one need to do that through some Windows XP Pro function, such as startup adjustment?

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What messages in particular?




The messages you get on the welcome (home) page - middle window - at the moment there is an advertisement to upgrade to EMC-10 on top, and on the bottom is something called "Hot topics" "Quick Guide to Video Formats". Maybe the proper name for this is "Roxio Services", which I want to turn off, unless I am confused and the Roxio Services are something else that stays active over the internet.


Had a similar spot for messages on home page of EMC-10 (with different advertisement), but got rid of it by using the checkbox in the tools-options dialog box (checkbox does not exist in EMC-8 as far as I can see).


The EMC-8 is on the laptop, which I will be using "on the road", and don't want the limited resources of laptop sucked up by downloading unnecessary messages and advertisements, to say nothing of the expense as when on the road receiving the messages through a PCIA Next G mobile card, which can get very expensive per MB downloaded, sop do not want anything running that is not essential.

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