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Mydvd Burning Issues



After creating a VideoWave Production, I am ready to burn my first DVD. However, I had some issues with the MyDVD Software. When I hit the "burn" button, I am a list with 3 check boxes pop up. I have selected the "burn to disc" option, obviously. Then there is another checkbox stating "Save Image File". Should I check this box? If so, where should I save the ISO file? Then there is a check box for "create folder set". Should I check this box also? If so, where should I save the file. I am only burning a photo slideshow to a DVD-R disc.


My problem is that when I burn the disc, the burn project doesn't begin. What should I do?


Here are my computer specifications:


Dell E510

110 GB Hard drive

30 GB RAID 0 Hard drive

2 GB of RAM

Windows XP Pro SP2

DVD-ROM Drive (1st Bay)

DVD +-RW Burner (2nd Bay)

3.2 Ghz Intel Dual Core Processor

ATI Radeon X600 256MB Graphics Card

Creative Labs SoundBlaster Audigy Sound Card



Thanks for the help!


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Both the folder method and the ISO method solve many problems. I just wanted to let you know that you can preview the ISO file with the free VLC program.

If you prefer to use only EMC tools, then you can mount the .ISO file using Disc Image Loader, then fire up Cineplayer to watch it from the virtual drive. But I'll add that VLC uses less system resources if that's of any concern.

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The 3 options do three different things. You can choose just one, two or all three. Personally, I prefer to 'burn' to a folder set. That way I can use PowerDVD to check out the menus, etc., to make sure the disc works as expected before I burn to a disc permanently. Saves me a lot of headaches as I usually forget something. :)


The ISO option creates a disc image which is nothing more than the entire DVD compressed into a single file. It is a standard file format which can be read by many different applications.


If EMC is having trouble accessing or burning to your drive, the other two options should work regardless (unless there is a problem with files, etc.).

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My preference, and that of many on this forum, is to uncheck the burn to disc box and check only the 'save image file' box. This will create an ISO file to the directory of your choice and let it burn. Then, navigate to that saved ISO file and fire up Video Copy and Convert and load your ISO into it and then burn to disc. You'll not only be able to keep the ISO on your hard drive (if you choose) but more than likely have a successful burn as many have had problems when burning direct to disc.

As always, make sure your burner firmware and video card is up to date.

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