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Avchd On Dvd--weird End Action...



So I am using Toast 9.0.2 to create an AVCHD disk to burn to DVD-R. I am using a Toast menu with a single button as first play. The playback consists of a single m2ts file (H264 with AC3). The menu comes up fine. Selecting the button starts play. Upon completion, the play jumps to a semi-random offset into the m2ts, plays to completion (again), and then returns to the menu. A friend attempting to do the same thing has seen exactly the same behavior. It looks like you haven't got the "end action" for the timeline right, in "Encore" terms, or that the link is right, but a state register is getting initialized to the wrong value.


Disks are burned on Mac Pro Leopard. Playback is on PS3. Any insight?




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I have been unable to write the AVCHD files from my CanonVixia HF100. (Flash memory card and internal memory). I wanted to do simple archive to DVD, and it will not write them. I am not experienced in this, so may be in wrong menu. When I load into Mac iMovie, the files become huge, so that is also an archive problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


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