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More Disappearing Files



This one isn't actually MY problem, it for a friend who won't get on boards to figure it out. She has a PPC Mac Mini with a Combo drive and Toast 8. Using a standard CD-R, she burned a session with some photos on it. Later, she decided to add another folder, so she burned a second session, but when she did this, the first session disappeared off the disk. She thought that was weird, so she burned another session to add that first set of pictures back onto the disk only to find that the SECOND session was now missing. This is NOT a rewritable disk, and unfortunately, she tells me she already threw it away and started over from scratch, but it was a puzzling enough problem that I thought it worth bringing here just to figure out...for my own peace of mind. LOL


I asked her and she told me the specific steps she took in making the CD, which look totally normal to me, and she says it has never happened to her again. Here's what she did:


When she first made the CD, she opened Toast, clicked on "Data CD", and then clicked "Add" to put files on it. Then she burned it as a session onto a regular CD-R...Then later when she wanted to add to the CD, she again opened Toast, clicked on "Data", and then clicked "Add" to select more files. She again chose to burn it as a session, but when it was through, the new files were on the CD, but the old ones (from the previous session) were not. So she burned another session and put the original session back on the CD, and when it was through the FIRST session was on the disk, but not the SECOND. So after doing this several times, she could get EITHER the first session or the second session onto the disk, but never both until she just started over with a new blank CD.


Any clues on this one?

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