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Hang And Crash From One Photo



I have a 249 photo Photo Show which has one photo that when the slide show reaches it, it hangs up, won't continue beyond that photo. When I try to delete that photo, the program crashes completely - everytime. The photo now shows a light gray camera instead of the actual photo in the "view all section". I have moved it to the end of my production, but then at the end it says "unable to complete operation; can't read photo xxxx". So I am unable to loop the show or to burn a DVD. This is for a very important event, my Moms 80th birthday party. I don;t have time to start over. I need help...and fast. Any help or advice out there?

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You can try to save that particular photo as a different format (ex. if it's jpg, save it as bmp or vice versa) and see if it helps.




gaper1's suggestion is a nice try. However PhotoShow only imports Jpeg. This Show may have developed an error or lost track of one of the photos.


Please open PhotoShow and click on the Manage icon. Then click on the name of the Show you are having trouble with and select 'Save As.' from the pop up menu. Now save a copy of this Show as a different name (make sure it is different enough that you will be able to differentiate it from the original). Then try to edit the new show. If this does not work, the Show will have to be remade.



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