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Burn Dvd From Slideshow Made In Imovie



Hi, I am trying to burn a dvd on my G5 from Toast 8.0.4. I made a slideshow in imovie with audio from itunes. I can burn this to a cd, but the quality of the photo's are bad. I used super video cd. I would like to burn it to a dvd so it will play on a dvd player. I have tried many different things. The one that makes the most sense to me is to select dvd-video, drag the movie into the content area and burn. I got an error the first time and it did not complete. The second time it completed but won't play in anything. I tried a dvd player, a cd player, my pc. Nothing. It does show as a mpeg 4 format. Do I need to change the format? If so I can not figure out how to do that. Is it done from within imovie? Or do I need to send it to idvd? Or quicktime movie? My dvd burner appears to work just fine, I have burned photos to dvd without a problem, but this is the first time I have added audio. I hope I have given you enough information and someone can give some suggestions.

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There's a lot to address in your post. As for the picture quality, be sure you evaluate that by viewing on a TV and not a computer screen. If you do view on a computer screen set the view size to Normal or actual size. Anything larger will cause the picture to look very soft and blurry.


An SVCD should play on most DVD players. The picture quality when burned to DVD should be somewhat better, though.


If you are using iTunes Music Store tracks then the copy protection on those tracks will result in no audio when burned with Toast. To use iTunes Music Store tracks that have copy protection you need to first use iTunes to burn an audio CD of the tracks and then import that tracks back from the audio CD. Or just use iDVD because Apple enables it to do what Apple won't allow third party applications to do.


You don't mention which version of iMovie you are using. If it is iMovie HD then the process is to choose Movies with the Toast Media Browser and add your iMovie to the Toast Video window via the media browser. If you use the new iMovie 08 then in iMovie go to the Share menu and export as a full quality QuickTime Movie. Drag that exported movie to Toast.


MPEG 4 is a format for playing on computers. Video DVDs (and SVCDs) are in MPEG 2 format so your video needs to be re-encoded by Toast, just as it would be re-encoded with iDVD. Choosing DVD video as the format in Toast takes care of this when you click the burn button or you choose Save as Disc Image.


By the way, I suggest choosing Save as Disc Image. That way you can preview the result (in normal or actual size) with DVD Player before burning the DVD. Select the saved .toast disc image file using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window. Toast will mount the disc image which probably will automatically launch DVD Player (if that is what happens when you insert video DVDs in your Mac). If you are satisfied with what you see you can burn the disc image to DVD by clicking the burn button in the Copy window.


There is a better-quality slide show option than using iMovie. However, it requires showing each of your photos as full frame with no motion. If you want to consider this go to iDVD Help and learn about DVD slide shows. Toast also can do DVD slide shows (different from the movie slide show you created) but iDVD allows an audio track whereas Toast does not. With DVD slide shows each image is a chapter on the DVD so the pictures can be advanced or replayed using the chapter skip button on the remote.

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