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Spin Doctor: Any Support Anywhere!?!



New to this forum so please excuse what must be the beating of a very dead horse.


I just upgraded Toast 8 to Toast 9 to be able to use CD Spin Doctor with the track ID for converting vinyl. I'm using a new Mac Pro with OS X 10.5.4. I had to upgrade my new upgrade to get the latest CD Doctor. Nothing is working as it appears it should and there seems to be no documentation, no on-line support, the interactive feature on Roxio's site doesn't even recognize the words Spin Doctor, the Deep Sea Software site sends me back to Roxio. I found a ONE YEAR OLD thread here on the forums complaining about no documentation. Is this really the kind of shabby treatment Roxio gives? I'm not impressed. Wish I could either find information to get the software to do what it says it will do or get my $60 upgrade fee back.


I tried to use my M-Audio Firewire Audiofile interface to bring the turntable signal into my Mac. CD Spin doctor sees it as the input but won't let it record. So I dug out an old iMic. Recorded an album with 6 tracks - Spin Doctor says it has 9. Finally guessed I had to play with the sensitivity in preferences - would have been nice if that was DOCUMENTED SOMEWHERE! Got the tracks separated - CD Spin Doctor couldn't ID them so I typed it all in myself. Applied the filter to remove hiss and pops and got a file that shows no waveforms and lists only one track. And it won't send it to iTunes. #$^@, this is just like working on my wife's PC. Is this some product by rogue Microsoft programmers?


Does anyone know where I can get information about using CD Spin Doctor?

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I agree- CD Spin Doctor w/Toast 9 is cryptic, and I can't find answers.


I happened to notice on the Roxio site that SD can do "fingerprinting," that is, it can identify tracks that lack any metadata. I have a few tracks in my iTunes library I'd like to identify.


The trouble is, there doesn't seem to be a way to get these MP3 files INTO Spin Doctor. If I choose Open File from the splash screen, all the files in my iTunes library are greyed out. If I copy one of the files to the desktop, it too is greyed out.


It's a great feature, but kinda useless if it can't open a file. And the copy on the link above says it can do this. But there's no where to get any documentation or assistance.



[uPDATE] I found a solution to my particular problem. If I right-click (or control-click) in Finder on the file I want to get into CD Spin Doctor, select Open With..., and pick CD Spin Doctor, it will open the .mp3 file. And the fingerprinting feature works.


[uPDATE #2] Another shortcut, with Leopard at least, is to hold down Option-Apple while dragging an .mp3 file onto the CD Spin Doctor icon. The bad news is, I've tried fingerprinting two files so far, and the results weren't even close. Maybe I'm doing it wrong (selecting the entire track) but I'll keep trying to figure it out. Too bad the program isn't better documented. Help was no help.


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I use spin doctor myself and haven't had as many problems as you are describing. As far as what spin doctor can record, that is completely controlled by the sound system preferences. Also, when the tracks have been separated out, don't just save the file, but use the export to Toast or iTunes and it should export the tracks listed in the table at the bottom portion of the window.

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