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Editing Slideshow Audio



I am using Roxio Creator 8. I'd upgrade to 10 if you can guaranty that I will be able to edit the audio on a slide show. I created the slideshow in My DVD8, Added the audio songs. Now I want to trim some of the songs to fit the particular pictures that are showing on the slideshow. When I go into View, Slide sorter, I am not given the option to select any of the different views. Help. I'm trying to create a wedding slideshow.

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You are not going to get that sort of a guarantee anymore so than you will get one from GM about the published gas mileage… It depends on you, not the vehicle


What you are asking can be done in VideoWave. You would have to extract the audio, edit, then put it on another track.


It can probably be done in V8, and I would pose the question there before making the leap. - V8 Forums



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