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Multiple Dvd Project Help



I'm having trouble working with EMC Classic. Im burning a large folder onto several dvds. The folder Im burning takes up 25 DVDs. Unfortunetly I was on disk 5 of 25 when Roxio had a burn error. I would like to restart the project from the 5th disk. Is this possible? I dont want to re-burn DVD's if I don't have to. When Roxio encountered the error it didn't give me the option to re-burn the faulty disk, it made me start over from the begining. I love this (batch like) burn process. Thanks for your help.

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To be honest you're really asking for trouble trying to span 25 DVDs - that is a huge amount of data to risk losing.


Sure, spanning is handy - but at least you found out at the outset that a disc going down can really mess everything up - some people have found the other way - a spanned set that has a fault and is totally inaccessible.


I would seriously recommend you split the files into smaller chunks (rar or zip them) and make each DVD independant of any other - that way, if the neighbour's dog chews one disc you aren't left with a collection of useless plastic. It may take a while longer - but in the end, is your data worth risking?

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