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Toast Titanium And Mac



HI My first post so be gentle! I am using Toast Titanium 8.0.1 on Mac OS 10.4.11. on G5 (not intel) I am burning DVD-R's no problem but when I try to load the burnt DVD onto the computer that burnt it, it will not load, it just gets spat out! It will load and read no problem on a macpro laptop and clients can read the discs I have sent them with no problems but. Have tried re-installing the software with no luck. The computer will load DVD's previously created using the Mac "Burn Fiolder" method with no problem. Have tried using my laptop as a "Target Disk" mode hooked up my G5 but the discs will still not appear on the desktop.




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You might try a laser-cleaning disc. The read laser is not the same as the write laser. You also could try a different brand of media or use DVD-R if you are now using DVD+R (or vice versa).

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