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Burning Dvd From Non-tivo Dvr Source



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Can I use Toast to transfer recorded shows from motorola DVR provided from the local cable company (Comcast) and burn the show to a DVD?

To continue what Gundark posted, there are ways to capture the video from the Motorola DVR to your Mac from channels that are "copy freely." Once the video is captured the next step is using MPEG Streamclip to change the TS stream to MPEG 2. Streamclip is also where you would edit out any commercials. After export from Streamclip it can be added to Toast for burning to DVD.


Go to this thread at the AVS Forum to learn how to accomplish this.


On the other hand it may be easier to just connect an EyeTV 250+ or similar capture device to the DVR and record the content to your Mac. In that case you could capture any channel, not just those that are copy freely.

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