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Videowave Crash When Editing Image In Pan/scan




I continue to experience a problem in videowave when trying to edit an image in the pan and scan. The program will crash when I try to perform this edit. It appears to be random, i.e. it will allow me to do 5 images and then crashes on the 6 or it will crash when I try each one.


Anybody experience this?

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We never heard from you regarding the last postings you made?


Was that resolved? If so, how?


You have never posted any of your PC specs like you see listed in the signatures that most gurus use. That would be a big help.



You have a good memory! I never resolved the old issue of video quality. I think it was an issue of Roxio not liking my video footage in widescreen format. I have since purchased a new video camera and don't have any issues what so ever in terms of video.


How do I get those PC specs in a signature line?

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You can add that stuff by going to the top of the screen: My Controls – Personal Profile – Edit Signature


But back to your problem.


First order of business is to make sure your Video Card is updated.


You may want to try setting Render to Software as a test. In VW or MyDVD, Tools Options – Render.


Lastly you may want to do a Clean Install if the above does not help – Here


A new camcorder was a very expensive solution… If you had stuck with the thread we probably could have gotten squared away or at least offered a band-aid. Wide Screen projects from some camcorders are… challenging


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