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Windows Media Player Streaming



I recently purchased and installed ECM 10. Since then I have not been able to "preview" via Windows Media Player any video files I download from the internet - not until the entire file has been temporarily downloaded to my computer. Prior to EMC's installation, I had no trouble with this...


I have noticed in the past when I've installed other programs (not in any way related to EMC 10) the program I've just installed makes changes to other programs (or Microsoft Windows itself) without my permission or awareness. This in mind, I've carefully reviewed all my settings - in Internet Explorer 7, in Windows Media Player 11 and in ECM 10. Yet, I've not been able to correct the problem.


Is it possible ECM 10 could be causing a conflict (or a compatibility issue) in another program (a conflict I am not able to track down through conventional means)?


Also...prior to EMC 10 installation, I used Cyberlink PowerDVD as my default player and before EMC 10 was installed, it came up automatically whenever I placed a DVD in the drive (or if I opened it from my computer screen). Now CinePlayer comes up as the default player, even after I selected "no" in CinePlayer's program options menu.


Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.






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Every program you install makes changes to the Windows Registry and fila associations - install Word and wordpad will stop opening .doc and .rtf files by default. That's how it works


To 'restore' PowerDVD - right click on the drive with the DVD, select 'Open With', browse to the program of choice and tick the box 'always use this' and that restores the original. Actually, if you hadn't installed PowerDVD, it would have defaulted to Media Player - PowerDVD made a change 'without your permission'

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