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Temporary Partition Error





We've been jusing Toast 8 titanium quite a while now, but yesterday we ran into a strange issue.

We need to burn a 'custom hybrid' cross-platform CD, so that Mac users can't see the PC files and vice versa. To add the Mac files, it's needed that a temporary partition is made, in which you can put your files. Only thing is: the partition doesn't show up on the desktop.


I've done this in the past, but this is the first time it's this freaky. I'm clicking 'Utilities > create temporary partition', fill in the necessary fields and click 'OK'. A dialog pops up, I can see the progressbar go, but no disk mounts on the desktop. The system volume gets smaller with 650MB though - roughly the size of a CD, so I'm guessing the partition gets created after all. But where? There's no way I can access it.


Like I said, I've done this routine many times before, but only since yesterday I'm getting this strange behaviour.


We're working on a Mac with OS 10.4.11 and Toast 8 Titanium.


I hope you guys have any idea :)



- J

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It should have automatically mounted as it has in the past. The unmounted partition is saved to your hard drive with the name "yourfilename.toast". I just did one of these and Toast put it in my documents folder but yours may be somewhere else. Once you find it you can control-click on it and choose Mount It from the contextual menu to have it appear in the Finder.

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