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Problem With Upgrade To Toast 9



I recently purchased Toast 9 Titanium as a download. According to 'get info' it is version 9.0.1

When I open the application I'm told there is a new version available. So I've downloaded toast_ti_902_261_upgrade

When I open the DMG file and drag the Toast 9 folder to Applications, I get a warning that says there's a new version already in the applications folder, do I want to replace it?


But - according to the program info in applications it is 9.0.1


Please help. A confused new user.



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I still have the toast 8 on my computer. Should I delete it or what (could that be part of the problems Iam havin with toast 9)?

There is no problem having both Toast 8 and 9 on your Mac at the same time.

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