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Creator 10 Affecting Other Programs




This isn’t really about Media Creator but how it’s affecting other programs. I installed Media Creator 10 Suite around Christmas and I keep finding other programs that won’t work (or react strangely) since then. I’ve fixed a bunch of the problems (mostly by re-installing the offending program) but two things are still stumping me.


The first thing I noticed was that I lost the thumbnail view from Windows Explorer for video files. Instead of thumbnails I see icons. I noticed this right after the initial Roxio installation. I do see thumbnails in Roxio Media Manager. This has been an annoyance but not a real problem. It would be nice to get the feature back though.


The second problem is more troubling. Video files (mostly mpg’s and wmv’s) won’t play all the way through. This is true of all of my players including Windows Media Player, Roxio CinePlayer and VCL Media Player. They all play about a third of the way through. Then the player does one of three things. Either the video freezes but the audio continues. Or it just runs short like it was a file of about 1/3 the actual length. Or it play the whole clip but then there is 2/3 more time left but it is silence and black. The other thing is that the total time of the clip is wrong (the total time is listed at about 3 times the actual time). I’ve loaded some of the files to another computer and they play fine.


I'm assuming that Creator changed something in my registy but I'm not sure what even to look for.


I have found Media Creator to be buggy in general. With these extra glitches I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t have gone with Nero software.


Any help would be appreciated.






CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz LGA 775

Motherboard Asus P5NSLI

Memory 2 X (Kingston 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM)

Video Card ATI Radeon X1900 GT (PCI/E) - 256MB


Hard Drives 2 X (Western Digital Caviar SE 200GB 7200 RPM SATA)


Burning Software EMC 10


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Not sure about the freezing but as far as the Explorer thumbnails the next time you have it open to that folder just go to View and check Thumbnails.


That's the point, I click thumbnail but only get the icon view. Again, this happened during the initial install of Media Creator 10.

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This could be incidental. But perhaps you should consider doing Windows Repair.

The playback problem may be incidental but the thumbnail problem isn't. I had the thumbnail view right before I installed Media Creator (I moved some files and cleaned up the drive before I installed) and they weren't there right after. Media Creator change something.



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