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Recommended Workflow For Blu-ray Burning With 5.1 Audio



Hi, We are successfully burning BD's using full-res quicktimes as the source. Our quicktimes have 6 discreet tracks of audio for the 5.1 mix. It doesn't seem that Toast 9 is encoding those tracks into Dolby AC3. Is there a way to make it do that? If not, any recommendations on the best way to get those 6 tracks tracks encoded and written to the Blu Ray disk? Thanks in advance for the help!

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I've recently had to do the same thing for a sports event where we needed Blu-ray discs with Dolby AC3.


What I did was use the Apple Compressor application (part of Final Cut Studio 2) to create the AC3 file from the discreet audio tracks.


I then took the video track and demultiplexed it so that it was video only (stripping off the original sound) using MPEG Streamclip.


Them once you drop the video file into Toast, it requests the associated audio file which in this case is the AC3 file and there you go.


The advantage of using Compressor is that you can adjust the encoding parameters. In my case I had to create the AC3 audio from an original Dolby-E stream so I needed to ensure the metadata from the Dolby-E was carried across to the AC3 encode. Also, by using Compressor you stay within the Mac world :-)

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