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I'm a new user of the program and wish there was better instruction on how to use it. Any way, I had a couple of problems that someone might be able to help me with.


Question 1: I want to add a smartsound audio track to a slide show. In videowave how do you access smartsound. I've hit add audio and a dialogue come up so that I can search my own computer, but no smartsound? What gives? I went to slideshow assisstant and tried it there. At least there is a smartsound box that comes up when you want to add audio. Bad part is when you click on it, nothing happens.


Question 2: In videowave I added text effect to a panel. I made a mistake and want to delete the the effect. I can't figure out how to do it. I right click on the panel and a box comes up. One of the options is remove. I go into the remove box and a sub box comes up with a bunch of choices. On of the choices is text effect. Problem is all of the choices are grayed out. I can't push it. Is there a way to remove effects from a panel short of scrapping the whole production and starting over from scratch?


Thanks in advance,




P.S. Boy it's fun learning a new program without a decent instruction manual

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I'm not a VW pro and actually don't use it much but maybe I can help you a little.

While in Storyline or Timeline mode, click the 'Add Background Audio' button (looks like a music note with plus sign on it). You'll be given a choice to use Smartsound or Media Selector.

To remove a text effect, you might be able to simple use the Undo command (Edit/Undo or Control Z).

I'm sure the real pros will post to either back me up or correct me.

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Question 1--Check the attachment and see if that will help as far as adding a smartsound to your production in Videowave


Question-2-- Not sure if you added the text effect to one of the photos in your slide show or added a color panel and then added some text. But I have added another attachment showing an added color panel and the clicked on "text effect" on the right side menu. To edit or even remove the text, or for that matter, just right click on the panel and then choose delete or edit.


Hope that helps Jim. If not let us know.



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I think Paul and Frank have your covered here, but if you would want a little more info in general, there are some links up on this page, including the .pdf manual (last item on page):

EMC Tips Resources Page


A video tip on adding SmartSound:

Adding SmartSound to VideoWave


If you are working in Storyline View, to delete a text effect, right click on the Production Editor background (avoid clicking on any panels) choose Remove > Text Effects from the context menu. Click on the text effect you want to delete, and click OK.


In Timeline View to delete a text effect, click on it in the Timeline and press the delete key on the keyboard, OR right click on the text effect and choose delete from the context menu.



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Thanks very much for the help. I am now better able to use some of the effects. I can delete the ones I've created now. I have to learn to think outside the box. (pun intended)


Unfortunately, smartsound isn't there. When pushing the note+ button as mentioned above, I only get the media selection screen and not the option for smart sound. I didn't have quicktime and so installed it (I didn't have the screen that said I have to install it either). Made no difference. I'm assuming that I'll have to uninstall the program and reinstall it once the program cd arrives from Roxio. I don't have audio capture either. I just love vista 64. Perhaps the technical support guys from roxio will finally respond to my questions. One can only hope.


Thanks again for trying to help.



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