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Video Wave Not Working



I finally got EMC10 Installed and no errors woot! but the first time I tried to use it it doesn't work :angry2: I tried to take a 4 min video clip I took with my camcorder and was trying to fool around and see what I could do( in Video Wave) the first thing I noticed is when you press play, nothing plays on the screen, all i have is a thin horizontal line. the sound plays fine, but no video. when I press stop causes the program to go into not responding mode. whats the conflict, why am I having so many problems, I had similar issues with EMC9 but I now have a new computer and thought that maybe the problems were on my end. Can anyone get this thing working on my computer p[lease , It shouldn't take some one with programing knowledge just to run a program this is so frustrating. I have started a Roxio Documentry of the problems I am having and plan to have it posted on U tube even if i have to use the krapy editing software that came with my cam corder but at least it works.

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I have done several clean installs, and finally fixed my problem this is what did it case any one else has this happen to them


1. Obtain the latest driver for your video card. Contact your computer or video card manufacturer to make sure the video card driver is up to date and it supports the latest version of Microsoft's Direct X.

2. Make sure you are running the latest version of Microsofts Direct X. You can download it here.

3. Switch Render Using in MyDVD options


* Click on Start --> All Programs --> Roxio Easy Media Creator --> Home.

* Under Home tab, click on Applications --> MyDVD.

* In MyDVD, click on Tools -> Options.

* If Render Using is Hardware, change it to Software.

* Click OK.

* Close and relaunch MyDVD.



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