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Dvd Add-on Activation



Hello David,


My name is Carol and have used roxio products and Photoshow for years!


1. I have Windows XP Pro

2. 1.5 GB ram

3. 3.3 MHz processor


I can not burn My Own Photoshows to DVD either because of this Activation thing that they want. I have never seen this with them? I have written to Simplestar only to find Roxio bought them out. I cannot register with Roxio on this product because it says my password is wrong BTW=It is the same as I use here and for updates with Roxio. All the other things I have bought from Roxio, Creater Classic 7, 9 and 10 are registered.


No one has answered except to say go and register and no one has helped with the password. What in the world do I do now. I have a couple of Photoshow online with Photoshow


and have that password, Could that be it???? I di not think so..


In my Computer years I have never seen this kind of thing and I have to tell you it is very annoying. I teach all this stuff and build the darn computers and have less agrivation! :)


So can you please tell me what to other than what you told the last reply to do. I paid 30 some dollars for the program because I was made to understand that this version would let me make my Family DVD's in Photoshow.


I have to also say that Simplestar was great with their support. Oh yes I entered by product ID # for this Activation thing and it said something about "if you want another license for another computer you have to buy.. I use it on my computer ONLY and always have. I hope this can be fixed immediately as I am trying to do the Family album..


I even uninstalled and re-installed the program... So please advice. Never got the free add-on for DVD either!




Thank you for your time... Carol



I am almost positive you have Windows Vista.


As of the date of this posting (7/8/08) Vista has made some changes to its User Account Controls (UAC for short). This system could block PhotoShow from properly saving the main key or any of the theme pack keys. This problem usually pops up when trying to burn a DVD. You should not need to enter your key every time you burn a DVD.


Turn account controls off:

1) Click on the 'Start' button in the lower left hand corner of Windows

2) Choose 'Control Panel'

3) Select 'User Accounts and Family Settings'

4) Select 'User Accounts'

5) Select 'Turn User Account Control On or Off'

6) Turn this off


Then go to the following location on your computer:


C:\ProgramData\Simple Star\Core Libraries\

(please note that this is a hidden folder. To show hidden files, just click on the Organize button in any folder, and then select “Folder and Search Options” from the menu. Now click the View tab, and then you should select “Show hidden files and folders” in the list. Press 'OK' to save your settings)


Then delete the file called:





Then try to enter your key.


If you wish, you can now turn account controls back on.


You should not have to continuously reenter your key.



Note: some users may not be able to find the Modules.dat file. Thats okay. Just turn account controls off and try to enter the key.


Finally, if this doesn't solve the problem and you continue to have trouble you will need to contact support for help with your key or to make more specific adjustments. The PhotoShow engineers are working on an update for this and this may not be an issue in the near future.


P.S. It is best to think of Vista as a moving target or a work in progress rather than a concrete and stable operating system. That may just be my opinion but it keeps me sane;)

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