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Regional Code Specification

Silver Fox


I have some Chinese DVDs - NOT copy protected - which I would like to copy, but in such a way that the original regional code 6 is changed to regional code 1, so that these DVD copies will play on my Sony stand-alone DVD player (which is regional code 1 only). Is this possible using Toast? I have scanned the User Guide without success in finding this topic. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Toast authors video DVDs with Region 0 which is for playback anywhere, including on your region 1 player. I'm presuming you're okay with the issue that some computer DVD drives only let you change the play back region five times before they lock in to whatever the region was the last time it was changed. So you don't want to be alternating those region 6 and 1 discs too much.


I'm not sure what happens when using Toast's Copy window to duplicate a DVD that has a limited region code. You may first need to use a ripping application but we can't talk about that in this forum.


Alternatively you could insert the region 6 DVD, choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser and add the titles from the DVD to Toast with DVD video selected as the format in the Video window. This way you can have Toast author and burn a new DVD with a menu you design instead of the source disc's menu.

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