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Mydvd Opening Saved Projects



I am using a Dell, dimensionC521, using windowsXP with 128MB ATI Raedon X1300 with a store bought EMC10. In trying to open a saved myDVD project the following message is displayed.


There are insufficient graphics capabilities for the application to run. This can be caused by the followiing -your video card driver may not fully support Direct x9.0. Check to see if an updated driver is available for your card. - your video card hardware may not be sufficient for full Direct X9.0 support. You need to upgrade your card.


No pictures are shown.


I have sought Dell technical assistance and all videocard updates have been completed. I have also downloaded emc10 software updates.


The problem remains. Any suggestions?

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If it's a desktop, you will need to buy and install a better graphics card (that's that 'upgrade your card' means).


If it's a laptop, I'm afraid you are stuck. Most 'domestic' laptops are severely limited in the graphics (I know my Fujitsu-Siemens can't handle EMC 9 or 10 so I use 7.5 on that, but never attempt anything that requires video rendering)

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