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Naming Buttons In Toast 8 Titanium



Does anybody know how to customize the buttons on Toast 8 Titanium. I'm use to iDVD and I can't figure out how to rename menu buttons. I know how to change the name of the main menu button however I have chapters that i'd like to name. Does Toast 8 support chapters? Help!!! I'm lost.

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When you add a title to the Video window three lines of text appear that you can edit which describe the button (which is the thumbnail image to the left). When you have several buttons on a menu page the number of lines of text that appear is reduced. For example, if you have 6 titles showing on a menu page you have one line of description for each thumbnail. You choose how many titles appear on a menu page by selecting that option in the window that appears when you click on the menu style thumbnail in the left part of Toast's video window.


Toast supports chapters and can display a chapter menu screen by your activating the "Scene menu". There is no text with the scene menu.


I wasn't aware that iDVD allowed text descriptions for chapters. The DVD authoring application that I have which allows chapter descriptions is CaptyDVD2.

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