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Nice Fat Repeatable Crash....





DVDit crashes as soon as I try to render any motion menu. I can start with a blank project, drag and drop some video onto the menu area, simulate, render, then the app just quits to desktop. I've tried changing the type of movie file and playing around with the SD transcode settings, but no luck. I've tried reboots, and even combinations of pausing the menu play back before rendering, but it's instant dump whatever I try.


I'm running Vista HP64 which I thought might have been the issue but the Roxio site says it's compatible. Obviously there are a million and one things to try to troubleshoot but before I start cocking around with vid drivers I thought I'd come here. Any ideas?


Many thanks.

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what kind of movie/s are you putting into the menu compositor? what other encoders/burners are on the computer?


I've tried various movie types: DV AVI with AC3, DV AVI with PCM, MP4, MPEG1. All immediately crash when rendering or when burning. Also installed on the machine are the following media related apps:


Adobe Prem Pro

Adobe Encore

Pinnacle Studio 11

Nero Suite

Ulead DVD Slideshow


DIVX Codecs

XVID Codecs



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