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Sorry For Being Such A Pain But I Have A Slight Problem



Yesterday a few of the boards friendly members helped me out with regards to burning on to disc and the advice worked.


Here's my problem though, i used mydvd to create an ISO file containing a dvd without a menu, I burned it in HQ quality and the ISO file that came out was something around 6.6GB i then burned this to disc using Video Copy & Convert and it came out perfect when i watched it on my dvd player.


I have 54 episodes all over similar time and file size so i created an ISO file for the second episode in HQ again and it came out at around 6.6GB again, the next step is where the problem occured. I tried to burn the ISO to disc as before but as soon as i clicked copy now it came up with a message about the disc not being large enough.


Hang on the file size and the length of the file is smaller yet it doesn't fit on the disc but the bigger file does? What's going wrong?

And anyway i thought VC&C compresses it to fit on the disc yet it's not doing it.


Yet again this program is letting me down could someone help me out.


for the record in terms of useability Nero is better in my opinion i never had problems whatsoever, after a few days of owning Roxio it's starting to get on my nerves all i want to do is burn 1 x 700mb file on to a disc and everything is going wrong :angry2:

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malatekid, why would specifying 8.5GB make it fit on to disc when i'm only using a standard 5.7 GB disc?

Typo? 4.7GB.

When you use Video Copy and Convert, it will (should) shrink your file to fit onto a standard disc.

Many find setting to HQ instead of fit to disc and then letting VC&C shrink to fit faster and possibly, better quality.

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Yes Beerman, that is my problem, it should but it doesn't any possible reasons?


I've had quirks a few times when trying this in version 9 and for me and a few others, I have found that if I change the disc size to another size, then back to the size I want, it sometimes help. Again, this was with Disc Copier in v9 but you can give that a try. Others have simply opened the drive and closed it again and it seemed to work. This was definitely a bug in Disc Copy.

Let me know if it works for you in VC&C.

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malatekid, why would specifying 8.5GB make it fit on to disc when i'm only using a standard 5.7 GB disc?

How long in time is your video? My guess is that it is over 60 minutes but less than 120 minutes. If your video is over 60 minutes, then the 8.5gb disc is the right disc size to "burn" the image file without compression. When creating an image file, it does not know if you will eventually compress it to a smaller disc size.


My practice is to use the appropriate disc size (in MyDVD) based on length in time of video when creating the image file (with HQ quality). For video that is between 60 minutes and 120 minutes, then you either have the option to burn it to DL disc (no compression) or to standard disc (with compression).


Give my original suggestion a try and let us know the result.

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