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Why I Don't Upgrade - Toast 7



i'm still on toast 7. shame, shame ... however recently i've come across some video_ts folders that give the following error message when i try to burn dvds using toast 7:


"the contents of this video_ts folder cannot be compressed"


i didn't think i was asking to compress anything but in any case, i had never seen this error before in hundreds of dvds and i'm sure the problem is related to these specific video_ts folders but couldn't figure what it could be (and maybe it's a toast 7 problem that's been resolved in latter versions). nonetheless just for giggles i fired up an even older version of toast (6) and surprise, surprise ... it burned these "troubled" video_ts folders just fine.


perhaps someone here can shed some light on what the actual problem is but in the meantime it just confirms my belief that sometimes old is better. full disclosure ,,, i'm on a g4 running 10.3.9. thanks.



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Toast 6 lacks the feature in Toast 7 to fit content from a dual-layer video DVD to a single-layer disc. So they do things differently on purpose. My guess is your VIDEO_TS folder is missing content that was in the VIDEO_TS folder on the source DVD. You may be successful burning those in Toast 7 using the DVD-Rom (UDF) setting in the Data window.

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