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Dvdit 6 Will Not Accept M2v (mpeg) Output From Sorenson Squeeze

Mark Pallett


Sonic DVDit 6 cannot import sound file .m2a from Sorenson Squeeze v5.1, generated from QTREF Mov in AVID XpressDV




1. From Avid Xpress DV, export completed seqence to Quicktime Reference and automatically open Sorenson Squeeze.

(Squeeze V5.1) QTREF settings are all default except Display Aspect Ration is 16:9 and AVID CODECs option selected.


2. Squeeze opens and displays source files OK


3. I use Link Audio option (tried both with and without this)


4. In Sueeze, I select Format & Compression Settings as MPEG-1/2.(mpg)DVD_PAL_lg


5. Apply format settings and sqeeze file.


6. Sueeze completes with NO errors and generates two files - *.m2v, *.m2a


7. Open DVDit 6.0 and try to import m2v file.


8. Imports but with message stating ilegal DVD format and may need file may transcoding at time of burn


9. Will NOT import or recognise the format of the m2a file


10. Click OK and copy imported video source to timeline


11. Runs preview OK but does not generate any sound.



12. Quicktime is upgraded to latest version 7.3 as required by Sorenson Squeeze v5.1


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this to work please ?


Note: I have only ever successfully generated DVDs by either working direclty from AVI files in DVDit!


many thanks


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sometimes Squeeze variable bit rate video can spike too high and be seen as illegal in DVDit. Try constant bit rate encoding instead. You can also try to change the name of your m2a file to .mpa or output PCM audio in Squeeze.


Many thanks, I will test these options and update you with the results.


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