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Toast 9 Or Popcorn 3?



I realise this has been asked before, and I have read all the answers, but I just wanted to clarify in my particular situation.


What I will be using it for is to burn several video_ts files onto the one disc with a menu. Nothing fancy - basically just compilations of short films.


There is a significant price difference between Popcorn 3 and Toast 9 for me to wonder whether it's worth purchasing Toast.


I've also been reading that people have had problems with both programs, so I guess I'm also asking which is the more reliable for burning video_ts files.



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If you are in the U.S. and get Roxio's emails you should be getting lots of Toast offers at a discount that should very nearly close the price gap between the two. Toast 9 continues to be under development (a long-awaited update has been promised for awhile) whereas I doubt if there will be any more updates to Popcorn 3 (just my speculation as I have no knowledge of what Roxio is working on).


Your wanting a menu requires doing things a little differently with either Popcorn 3 or Toast 9. While they both have a VIDEO_TS compilation feature I don't believe that creates a menu. To get a menu there is a process to use the application's Media Browser to extract the specific titles and/or chapters you want from each VIDEO_TS folder as if you are adding other kinds of video. Then set up the menu the way you want and burn the disc.


I can't think of any way that Toast 9 and Popcorn 3 are different for what you're wanting to do.

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