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Toast 8 Firewire Problem



I have toast 8 installed in MacPro Book. The problem is that I can not capture through firewire at all as soon as connect to camcorder I got

"Could not complete the last command becuase an error occured trying yo connect to DV. result code =-20042"

there is nothing wrong with my computer as it Ican capture through QT , iMovieHD .

I have unistlled, reinstlled updated but no joy.

I use to capture through Toast 7 but no more .

any help ?

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Sometimes odd Firewire and USB problems can appear after doing incremental system updates. The fix is to download and apply the latest combined system updater. Do this (it can't do any harm) to see if that fixes what's wrong here.


You've already figured out the workaround of using QuickTime Pro to capture and adding that video to Toast.


What camcorder do you use?

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1- sony DCR-PC1000E

2- Canon hv30

both works fine with QT and Imovie HD

BTY my system is 10.4.6

From what I've read in various posts Toast's DV camcorder recognition may be dicey. It works fine with the older DV camcorders but some of the newer ones may have features that Toast may not be capable of dealing with properly although they are supported in iMovie. I'm presuming you launch Toast after connecting the camcorder, which is what I recommend, and are only trying to capture standard definition DV video.


I don't know if anything changed in the camcorder recognition with Toast 9.


Maybe someone from Roxio can post a reply about Toast 8 or 9 support for capturing video from your camcorders.

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Many thanks for tsantee and gaper1 replies.

I will update to 10.4.8 using the combo update in Monady and see.

Aas for sony DCR-PC1000 is an old model (it is no longer on sale) . It use to work fine with Toast 7.5 . But now even when unistalling toast 8 and re-installing 7.5 it stopped working. It produces the same error when connected to the corder with firewire or as soon I connect fire wire , however I am using quicktime pro to capter from it ( it is a DV and not an HD). As for Canon hv30 it is an HD . Imovie works fine with it.

But TOASt ( 8 or 7.5) is no longer happy to live with firewire.

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