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Jittery Transitions With Videos.

Joe Photo


(I put this topic in the version 10 forum... then thought maybe it should be here too)


Jittery transitions on moving videos. Is this fixed in Roxio 10?


I created my videos back in version 8 (and I'm still running version 8). Everything looks great except transitions to videos with moving subjects. They become very jittery.


I’m to the point where I burn to the hard drive with ISO files and then burn DVD’s with them.


What I’ve noticed is they look good when played thru the PC (with the DVD drive). Look good on the HD TV with the upconvert DVD player. Look really bad on the big screen older TV with regular DVD player.


I’d like to distribute these video’s to family and friends and almost all of them are using regular TV’s with regular DVD players so I’m sure the transitions will be very Jittery to them.


What would cause this Jittery problems, has Roxio 10 helped correct this, if not… is there anything else I can do to fix this?


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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