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Install Emc 10



I have a partial version of EMC 9 installed from computer Vendor. I am installing EMC 10.

1.) With partial version is the clean install still recommended?

2.) Do I need to disconnect internet connection?

3.) I have done a dry walk thru the msconfig and Roxio and Sonic Mfg are not on the StartUp tab. Problem? They are however on the Services tab.

4.) Editing the System registry really causes me to have concern. What happens to the Export file created in this step once the reinstall has been completed? Is it ok to create a separate folder for this export file?

5.) I did not find C:\Users\Username\App Data\Local\Roxio or C:\Users\Usernme\App Data\Roaming\Roxio. Problem? Note: I understand that "username" referred is the name I use when logging on.

I am running Vista on a Dell XPS1. Thanks for you help in advance. I have a big project coming up and need to get on with this installation.

I have used EMC 7, upgraded to EMC 9 and it was a nightmare with Windows XP, because of my own ignorance and lack of knowledge. EMC 9 never worked quite the way it was suppose to, I just lumbered around to get projects completed. Would like for this installation to be complete.

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It appears that I have successfully completed the upgrade. I followed the "Clean Install" to the letter. I did so after much apprehinsion, spent more time pondering the upgrade than it actually took. Time appx 1 hour or so. Everything seems to be as it is supposed to be. I did disable internet connection. Thank you for your help and the instructions. This upgrade much more successful than the EMC9/EMC7.

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9 and 10 should work together but if you want to totally remove the OEM version, then the clean install is the only option


Clean install for Vista - follow it to the letter (print it out first) is here




No need to disconnect - just turn off any background apps (AV, Windows Defender, etc)


The 'exported' registry is saved as a .reg file and only needs to be double clicked to restore


The files in app data are hidden - you need to set the OS to view hidden files and folders


Any other questions - just fire them in

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ok, I have printed the instructions, it says remove roxio and sonic programs from Add or Remove programs "or" use the windows installer clean up utiltiy. If i use add remove do I still need to do steps 2,3 & 4 ?

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