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Jim, I am using Roxio Easy Creator 9/Backup/Easy Archive with the default settings. I can't find any other settings that would assist me with long names.




I don't know of any program for Archiving Music collections in the Suite???


Which one of the 35 programs in the Suite are you using?


What settings?


Then we should be able to help.


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One thing to watch is the standard you are using for the disc - if it's iso, then the following applies


  • Level 1: File names are limited to eight characters with a three-character extension, using upper case letters, numbers and underscore only. The maximum depth of directories is eight.
  • Level 2: File names are not limited to 11 characters (the 8.3 format) but may be up to the maximum allowed by the 1 byte counter in the dir entry and the filename length byte counter. Typically, this is close to 180 characters, depending on how many extended attributes are present.


However, with Joliet


The File or Directory Identifiers may be up to 128 bytes (64 unicode characters) in length. <li>Directory Identifiers may contain file name extensions. <li>The Directory Hierarchy may be recorded deeper than 8 levels.




So with ISO, 8 characters per name and with Joliet, 64 characters - these are limits set for industry standard and can't be changed by any software

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