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Burning .mkv



I'm on a mbp and I have a file in .mkv format, does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to go about burning this file to dvd with out loosing the quality, (given I have a dual layer dvd). .When I dragged it into Toast 9 it seemed to freeze up, i'm not sure if .mkv files are supported? Any way, i'm hoping there is a way to simply burn .mkv files to dvd but i'm guessing you must first convert them, in which case i'd hope there is a program that may convert an mkv to say a video_ts folder or author as dvd such as visual hub? any ideas?


*blu ray discs usually are mkv format, does that mean i need this blu-ray plugin to burn mkvs?



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the HD plugin wouldn't help you on mkv files.


Make sure you are able to play the mkv files with QuickTime Player first before you try to use it in Toast. If you can't play it back in QuickTime player, it won't work in Toast for sure.

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