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Extra Information When Burning A Cd



It is known that when people copied 1.4 floppy disks, the last block of information included some extra information. The reason was that the copy executed in blocks, and it doesn't matter if the user needed only 10% of the last block, the whole block copied.

The question regards to the same issue but with CD's and DVD's. Do I burn some extra information when burning a CD or DVD?

Thanks in advance.


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This happens to every file when the file system allocates storage space in chunks or allocation units that are greater than a byte. If the end of the file is not at the end of an allocation unit, there is unused space left between the file and the allocation boundary. Whether there is any intelligible information saved in that unused space depends on the application which saves the file on the disc or disk - hard drive, floppy drive, or optical.




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