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After Restore, Dvd Burner Won't Work


Just got BOT 3 at work and home. No problems at work.


At home, the backup files or disk-drive work fine. When

I use the restore files function, it correctly restores the

files I specify to the desired location and then when I

end the program, I can no longer use DVD burner. It

retains the volume title from the backup DVD and

doesn't show any files, no matter what DVD or CD I

put in.


I discovered that I could recover from this by rebooting,

but what is going on?


This is Windows XP Pro SP2 with a Lite DVD burner that

has no problems with anything else. Dell Dimension 2350.

I was relieved that I could easily recover from the problem

but I am concerned that it is happening. Has this happened

to anyone else?

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I updated the driver on the Lite-On DVD burner

to the most current driver available and there

was no change to the strange behavior. Still

have to reboot the PC to get the DVD drive back.

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