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Designing Mac Disc Desktop Appearance




Here's how to design your disc's appearance on Mac desktop

Mac 10.5.4, Toast 9.0.2

(designing in PC not possible?)

[icon – file – folder – window – looks – placement – apple – macintosh]


Make an empty folder and put your stuff in it. The name of the folder is your disc name of choice (if you make pc&mac disc, best to make the name pc style – no spaces, basic letters)




Make a disc image of this folder with Apple Disk Utility (not with Toast): best to put the Disk Utility in Dock and drag your folder on top of that icon in Dock.

A dialogue appears – choose ’DVD/CD Master’. By default it will be saved to the same place as the original folder. Process may take a while.




When it is done, open the .cdr file by double clicking. A virtual disc icon should appear on desktop. If not, go to Disk Utility, seek your disc in the left hand menu,

choose it and press the unmount button on top – then try again double clicking the .cdr file. Open this disc.




Design the layout: resize the window and choose the placement of it on your display (keep in mind that others may have smaller displays and place it in left top, in moderate size),

choose if it shows icons or a list, remove the menu on the left if you prefer (little grey button top right), arrange files & folders to whatever order within the window.




Open the Finder's ’Show View Options’ (cmd-j). If you are in 10.4, be sure to check ’apply only to this folder’. 10.5 makes this a default.

Now you can choose icon and text size, background colour or picture etc. If you use a pic, it (picture file) needs to be somewhere on the disc you are making to be able to show when you take the disc to another Mac.




When you're done, drag the disc icon to trash to unmount it. Then mount it again by double clicking the .cdr file. This will save the design to the desktop information of your virtual disc file.




Open Toast and choose Mac & PC. Drag your virtual disc to Toast window and burn.



The result should be a disc with the Mac side with your design, the pc side (that only shows in a pc) with no design ("The PC Way" – no design).

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