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Slideshows - Dvd Projector Mode In Hd



I have been able to create a slideshow using myDVD using the DVD Projector mode that allows me

to move forwards/backwards manually.

However, the DVD that is created appears to only be created in 720x480.

I want to be able to able the same capability in full HD mode (1920x1080).


I have tried creating a slide show with DVD projector mode using VideoWave, but once the DVD is created,

the projector capability is not there.


Any suggestions?

Is this at all possible to do?

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As far as I know, MyDVD only supports Blueray when burning hidef video. However if you have a DVD player that can playback HD WMV or Divx HD, you can always use Videowave to output to those formats and then manually burn a data disc with those files.


Sorry have never used the DVD projector slideshow. Perhaps someone else here can help with that one.

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