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Burning Slideshow To Dvd



The problem I have is that when I burn my slideshow to DVD I get a black picture where the photo has not come through, if I reburn it different images are missing . This has happened on easy cd creator 8 so I upgraded to easy cd creator 9 and dose the same after all the time and hard work I put in to this it very frustrating.


my pc is up to spec

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tryed Software Render and still get black screen insted of my images .


Are the images that are missing always the same images or do different images show black?


1) First, if you made your project in Video Wave, go there and output the project to a file - select mpg2 for DVD, best quality. Watch the encoding. You will notice if images are not encoded properly (black). If this happens, stop, go to that image and double click it. Do a small edit; something like apply auto color. If you don't like the change, just undo and try encoding again.


Did you get the images from a memory card or did you scan them onto your computer? High resolution scans can give the program difficulties. Remember that unless you are using Blu-ray, the video will be 720 by 480 a medium resolution scan should be enough.


Use the mpg2 file in My DVD. and follow the below.


2) If you did not make your slide show in Video Wave or if you want to archive the images, or you have the mpg2 files from above,add the project file to My DVD. When you select burn, select ONLY burn to ISO file. Select the name and location you want for the ISO file. Let the project encode.


Download VLC (video player) and use it to play the ISO file. If it plays properly, then the file was encoded properly.


Copy the ISO file to a disc using Creator Classic or Video Copy and Convert. If you have a problem with that disc playing on a DVD player then it could be that your burner needs to have a firmware upgrade or that you are using crappy DVD blanks. Do not use Maxell or store bought brands.


I know that this post is rather long but there are a lot of steps and valuable information; please take time to read it thoroughly. Thanks.

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