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Dvd Won't Read



It has been a while since I have been here so I apologize if this has been discussed earlier.


I have created and burned a slideshow using EMC10. Everything looks OK but when I try to play the DVD, my DVD players can't read it and My PC can't read it either.


I have tried burning slideshows onto several DVD's with the same result. The graphics rendering is set to Software.


I have not had this problem in the past, but I have had to reinstall the program several times thanks to a registry cleaner program (I no longer use).


Any ideas?



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If you did a clean uninstall re-install ( #10 or #11 in my signature) and it worked fine before doing it the same way? Have you switched media?


In Roxio EMC 10, more, tools, disc information, what does it say about the disc. See below..





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Thanks for the response.


I have been "playing" around a little more. I am finding the DVD's will play on my PC using Windows Media Player. The HP DVD Player software application can't read the disc. My Bose DVD system can't read the disc. I am running Vista Home Premium.


Here is my screen shot.




This is perplexing.



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Well, I found the problem. The DVD type. I had brought home a stack of DVD-R which I was using to create the slide shows. I found a sleeve of DVD+R (Video) and they are working just fine.


Thanks for your input. I probably would not have thought of the DVD type being the problem.



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What brand name and X speed are the + - disc's?

Check with Lite-On your behind on a firmware update also.


Lite-On SHW-160H6S detail information


Media format

Success rate

DVD-R 94.16%

DVD+R 93.96%

DVD+RW 91.79%

DVD-RW 88.18%


Success rate

CS01 96.71%

CP91 94.64%

CP81 93.31%

CP71 no data

CS05 no data

CS06 no data

CPT2 no data

CS08 no data

CS07 no data



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