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Tv Output Does Not Match Preview





When I use the "Preview" function to preview my DVD and test out the menus, it's fine. But when I burn to DVD and then take that DVD to view on my TV, the images are severely chopped off. In other words, I'm not seeing the full image like I did in the preview.


As an example, on my menus, I have some standard text that I place at the top of the menu background and by the time I watch the DVD on my TV, I can't even see the text! Then there's the button links: If they are too far to border of the images (same is true for text, actually), they definitely get chopped.


Again, previewing on the computer works 100% and I clearly see everything, without any cropping/loss of picture data. The problem does not occur for .MPG movies, only image files that I've made into a slideshow movie or menus for which I've changed the background image.


I know this has something to do with the resolution of my images and/or TV. That is, I have a JVC TV that's about 10 years old and it is on that TV that I get the worst output with major loss of portions of picture images. When I take that same DVD and play it on my plasma, I get fewer loss of data. As an example, where I was losing the text at the top of the menu, on my plasma, I can see the text all the time. But the button links would still be chopped--again, not as bad, but still chopped.


My pictures are taken with the 5 megapixel resolution, so they are all about 2M in size.


I'm totally confused because when I watch commercial DVDs on my JVC TV, they are the same as when I watch them on my plasma: There's no chopping/loss of portions of images.


Are there burning options or something I can do to fix this issue?



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Ahhhh...thank you ever so much!


I've got my work cut out for me now, though, to fix those 13 menus I created! :D


Keep your titles short, making sure that the border doesn't overlap the one next to it, or you will get a warning from the software telling you that you have overlapping menus.


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